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Scope of Statistics

The scope of statistics is so vast and ever-expenditure that only it is difficult to define it but also unwise to do so. Statistics pervades all subject-matter – its use has permeated almost every facet of our live. It is a tool of all sciences indispensable to research and intelligent judgment and has become a recognized discipline in its own right. There is hardly any field whether it be trade, industry or commerce, economics, biology, botany, astronomy, physics, chemistry, education, medicine, sociology, psychology, or meteorology, where statistical tools are not applicable. In fact, the greatest victory of mankind of the 20th century that of landing of Apollo II on the moon would not have been success in the absence of statistical help. The applications of statistics are so numerous that it is often remarked “Statistics is what statisticians do.”  Let us examine a few fields in which statistics is applied.

Statistics and the state

Since ancient times the ruling kings and chiefs have relied heavily on statistics in framing suitable military and fiscal policies. Most of the statistics such as that of crimes, military strength, population, taxes, etc., that were collected by them were a by-product of administrative activity.

Statistics and Business

With the growing size and ever-increasing competitions the problems of the business enterprises are becoming complex and they are using more and more statistics in decision-making.

Statistics and Economics

This proves significance of statistics of economics. Economics is concerned with the productions ad distribution of wealth as well at with the complex institutional setup connected with the consumptions, saving and investment f income.

Statistics and Physical Sciences

The physical sciences, especially astronomy, geology and physics, were among the fields in which statistical methods were first developed and applied, but until recently these sciences have not shared the 20th century developments of statistics to the same extent as the biological and social science.

Statistics and Physical Sciences

Statistical techniques have proved to be extremely useful in the study of all natural sciences like astronomy, biology, medicine, meteorology, zoology, botany, etc.

Statistics and Research

Statistics is indispensable in research work. Most of the advancement in knowledge has taken place because of experiments conducted with the help of statistical methods.

Statistics and Other Uses

Statistics are useful to banker, insurance companies, social workers, labour unions, trade associations, chambers and to the politicians.

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