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Tabulation of Data

One of the simplest and most revealing devices for summarizing data and presenting them in a meaningful fashion is the statistical tables. A table is a systematic arrangement of statistical data in columns and rows. Rows are horizontal arrangements whereas columns are vertical ones. The purpose of a table is to simplify the presentation and to facilitate comparisons. The simplification results from the clear-cut and systematic arrangement, which enables the reader to quickly locate desired information. Comparison is facilitated bringing related items of information close together.

Difference between Classification and Tabulation

“Classification and Tabulation” should not lead the reader to believe that these are two distinct processes. In fact, they go together, classification being the first step in tabulation. Before the data are put in tabular form they have to be classified, i.e., the different items having common characteristics must be brought together. It is only after this step that the data are displayed under different columns and rows so that their relationship can be easily understood.